The Modern Western

Ashley Robinson's Composition II

Excerpt from “Rogues, Reprobates, Outcasts, and Oddballs The Anti-Hero”

Click here to download a .pdf.  (Don’t worry when you don’t have a complete chapter. You’re only reading a few pages which I’ve excerpted for you.)

Excerpt from David Hamilton Murdoch’s “The American West: The Invention of a Myth”

You can click here to download the .pdf.  (Note: you’re only reading a piece of one chapter, so don’t worry when you don’t have the full document)

Places To Buy True Grit

You need to read the first two chapters of True Grit by Thursday, which means you’ll have to buy the book before then.  If you have Amazon Prime, you might be able to get a hard copy in on time.  Otherwise, you are more than welcome to download a digital copy and bring it to class with you….

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The Adventures of Buffalo Bill from Boyhood to Manhood by Colonel Prentiss Ingram

Here is the link to your reading on the dime novel.  Unfortunately, there’s not a .pdf copy of the text, so you’ll have to read it online.  Please read through Chapter 6 for next class!

“A Practical Introduction to Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth”

Here’s the article you need to have read for Thursday, January 20th.  You can click here to download a .pdf.

“The American West: Frontier and Region” by John W. Caughey

Here’s your very first reading for the semester (due Thursday, January 15th).  You can download the article by clicking here.