The Modern Western

Ashley Robinson's Composition II

Scripts for Star Trek and Book of Eli

As you write your final papers, you might find it handy to have physical copies of the film scripts in front of you.  (Keep in mind that you’ll probably be using dialogue as direct quotations!)   When it comes to film scripts, they often differ slightly from the finished movie due to editing.  Make sure that…

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Blog 3: The Future Western

For your third (and last!) blog, you’ll be writing over either Star Trek or The Book of Eli.  Click here to download both the assignment prompt and your note sheet for the movie.  This blog does ask you to integrate one outside source, so plan accordingly.  If you aren’t sure how to hyperlink sources into your blog post, make sure…

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Paper 3: The Research Paper

You can click here to download your very last paper assignment for this course.  Here are some important dates to keep in mind: April 2oth: the last day to clear a special research topic with me.  Remember–I do want to meet with you to talk about this one-on-one.  Make sure you schedule a very brief appointment with…

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Citing a Graphic Novel in MLA Format

This video should help you if you’re having trouble citing Jonah Hex: Face Full of Violence. 

Blog Assignment 2: The Space Western and Guardians of the Galaxy

For your second blog, you’ll be watching Guardians of the Galaxy on your own and writing a blog covering the film.  Click here to download both the assignment prompt and your note sheet for the movie.  This blog does ask you to integrate outside sources, so plan accordingly.  If you aren’t sure how to hyperlink sources into…

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Extra Credit Assignments

Between now and the last day of class, you can complete extra blog posts in order to earn bonus points on your essays and assignments.  Each blog covers a different type of Western. Click here to download the assignment sheet.  You can turn in completed blogs anytime between now and midnight on Thursday, April 30th…

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Grading Rubric Paper 2

These are the criteria I’ll be looking for in an “A” paper, and you can use it as a checklist to make sure your essay is meeting as many requirements as possible. Also, when you cite a script, you want to do it like you would a play.  If you aren’t sure how to do that,…

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Rough Draft 2: Requirements

The rough draft of your first paper is due in class on Thursday, March 18th.  Please bring in three copies of a draft that meets the following requirements: It should be 1 3/4 pages, double spaced, Have a solid and complete thesis, Have a complete argument, even if you don’t have all of your evidence incorporated yet.  This…

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Film Scripts for True Grit and Finding Nemo

As you write your second paper, you may find that you need access to the film script to quote dialogue. Click here for the script to Finding Nemo Click here for the script to True Grit  If you’re going to talk about elements of film like color, performance, costuming, mise en scene, and cinematography, it might be helpful for…

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Sample Blog Post

As promised, here is an example of a blog post submitted for another Comp II course, A Study in Scarlet.  You’ll notice that the prompt is just like yours, just over a different film. You can download the .pdf by clicking here.